You Never Know Until You Try
Monday, June 16, 2014 at 10:55AM
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When you first learn how to ride a bike, you start out with training wheels. These allow you to get used to the feel of a bicycle and learn how to peddle and how to brake. It helps you feel confident and makes you crave to try out two wheels, but your parents decide when you are ready. When that time comes, your training wheels come off, but someone is still there to hold onto the back of the bike, keeping you steady and helping you build confidence. Before you know it, they let go. You may coast down the street for a little bit doing great! Sometimes you lose your balance and fall off, sometimes you crash into mailboxes, and sometimes you forget everything you learn and freak out a little. But when that happens, you pick yourself back up and try again.

Coming into the real world and getting your “big person” job can feel a lot like riding a bike. I went through years of school teaching me all the basics. I had to build up all of this knowledge but I was still coasting on my “training wheels.” I then took those training wheels off. I went to college. I started to do things on my own but still had that extra security holding onto me just in case.  I learned more specific skills and life lessons, but still had the guidance from my professors and advisors. Then all of a sudden, they let go! I graduated and I was out on my own.

Now I am here. I am blessed to work for a team that wants to see me succeed. But I also have realized it is up to me to create my own success! They hired me because they know what I am capable of. I managed a few events with Sheryl by my side, but then she trusted me to manage some by myself! Was I nervous? Of course I was! But I just had to trust my instincts and everything I had learned. Nancy gave me tips on marketing and Social Media and what she has found works best, then she sent me on my way. She allowed me to learn on my own, make mistakes, and offer suggestions on what to do next time so I don’t “fall off my bike” again. But sometimes you just have to fall. The key is after you fall, you pick yourself up and try again! Life is full of new experiences. Like my high school coach used to always say, well actually scream, at us, “Fake it ‘til you make it!” But that is the fun of it! Who knows what you are capable of? All I know is… you never know until you try.

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