The New Girl
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 01:39PM
Huber Decor in Small Town Girl ... Big City Dreams

There are those 3 little words that everybody dreams of hearing. That one phrase that will determine your entire future. You have prepared yourself your entire life for this moment and when it finally comes, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear or even do a little happy dance. What is this ever so important phrase you ask?

 “You are hired!”

It is such a good feeling knowing all of your hard work and effort through school and internships is finally paying off! I am lucky enough to say that I not only got a job, but I got my dream job. This job is with a company that I am very passionate about. There is room to grow and new challenges every day.

Being the new girl isn’t so bad. Since I worked at Essential Details for my internship in college, I guess I am not technically the new girl. All the same, I still got those “first day butterflies” and was too excited to even sleep when I found out the news that I got hired full time!

Now my desk is ready and pictures are pinned up on my cork board! I have notes jotted down on my very own white board. Paper and pens are ready! My computer is all set up and ready for me to blog about all of my experiences here at Huber Décor, Essential Details and Blooms! Some call me a Project Manager, others call me their “go to gal”, but you can just call me Allyson. I am here to take you through my journey as a new comer to a career that I only dreamed of as a little girl!

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