An Intern's Point of View

I interned with Huber Décor this summer for 8 weeks and was able to experience first hand what an interior design firm was like. I absolutely love the people that work here, and by the end of the first week I could tell that everyone enjoyed working at Huber as well. The diverse group of employees is made up of team players who all want to see their company succeed. Even though I was only an intern, everyone was very welcoming and wanted to make sure that I was learning as much as possible. The tasks that I was given varied a lot, so that I got a taste of what everyone’s job was like on an everyday basis. I was able to help out in the offices, warehouse and frame shop. The atmosphere here is unlike any other place; filled with talented and passionate designers. I recommend interning here if you are interested!


-Madeline Conkin


Project Manager Survival Kit

I am finally getting into a routine. Getting in that groove was a challenge, but I did it! I survived the first little stretch of my new job. I am beginning to create my own little “work flow” and I couldn’t be happier! It wasn’t easy though! There are a few items that I figured out quickly that I must have in order to survive this job.

  1. My Smart phone - Not only do I need this to survive my job, I need it to survive my entire life! My phone is my calendar, communication, email, clock, last minute notes, reminders, alarms, camera, entertainment, news source, bank, weatherman, maps, and music (literally this list could go on for days). It is almost sad how much I rely on my phone, it never leaves my side. I am in the generation that remembers not having smart phones, but honestly does not understand how we lived like such cave people! When things go wrong at an event, first thing I do is pick up my phone and text my boss for help! Someone emails me (which comes directly to my phone) asking my availability, I just click on my calendar! I get an urgent phone call while out running errands and must remember something? Not a problem! I will just jot it down in my notes app. Forgot to schedule a Facebook post? Why there is an app for that! Never fear, your smart phone is here.
  2. Coffee – My family likes to say that we might as well hook an IV up to us that is constantly injecting coffee in us 24/7, and then we laugh like we are joking (even though it sounds like a genius idea to me). It almost seems like the only thing that motivates me to get out of bed most mornings is that cup of coffee that is in my near future. This job can be exhausting, especially when you are working events on the weekends. And with a boyfriend that lives out of town, sleep is never in my immediate future. Fortunately, coffee shops are very easy to find with my smart phone!
  3. Cute (and sensible) Shoes – Although part of my job requires doing work at my desk, other parts of my job requires me to be on my feet, A LOT! Just as sleep is usually never in my immediate future, sitting down isn’t either. This is great exercise and good for me, so I can’t really complain, but the key is to find the right shoes. I love a good pair of heels. They make me feel more authoritative and important. But they are not always sensible for long days of standing on my feet. So a nice pair of pointed flats is my shoe of choice! I still have a little bit of “don’t mess with me” attitude yet they make me look sensible and smart at the same time. And I can focus on many things other than how much I want to ditch my shoes. Go with something in between these... And these...and you should be good to go!
  4. Dry Erase Boards and Notepads – In our office, you never know who is going to stop you to tell you something really important while you are walking to the printer or to wash out your coffee cup. There is always a million things going on at once so always be ready to jot things down. If anything, carrying a notepad and pen around with you makes you look very prepared and important! I truly never realized the importance of Dry Erase EVERYTHING until this job. I have a dry erase board as my to do list, my calendar, my Social Media Notes board… I even made my blank copy of the newsletter dry erase so I can jot notes on it every month and erase it and start again next month. Things are constantly changing in this industry. The environment is precious, no need to waste all that paper.
  5. Tote Bag – I am an accessories gal. So of course I feel that a tote bag is a must have! When going from place to place, you don’t want to be juggling 156 little items as well as your purse. So I got a sensible and sturdy oversized tote bag to put everything I need in for the day. It is always smart to keep snacks on you for those times when you can’t get away to grab a meal out. You must refuel to do your best work. It is also a good idea to carry a reusable water bottle with you because like I said before, the environment is important. And while you are at it, throw your phone charger in there!
  6. A Mentor – This is probably the most important thing on this list. I have been blessed with many mentors in my life and this blog post would end up being 10 pages long if I went into detail about how each of them have helped guide and inspire me. But let me leave you with this, having a mentor that believes in you and wants to see you succeed is something that will motivate you to do better. Find someone who has been there, done that, and wants to tell you all about their journey and experiences that got them where they are today. Make sure you are on the edge of your seat listening to every word because their life experiences and advice is more beneficial than any chapter in a text book. Make sure you are not just listening to the advice from your peers. People like your parents, siblings, bosses, church leaders, community leaders and professors are the people you should seek answers from. People who could guide you every step of the way. Listen now, because one day, you will be the one doing the talking and inspiring someone who wants to be just like you. One of my mentors once told me, “It takes ONE person to give you a chance, just one. Use that as your ticket to success.”

So there you have it! This is my Project Manager Survival Kit as of right now. I am sure the further I get into this job, the longer this list will get!




Organized Chaos

I have never been one of those people that will allow work to consume me. I absolutely love my job, but I don’t let my work life take a toll on my personal life. My boyfriend, my family, my friends, every aspect of my life is important to me. I am blessed to work in an environment where family NEVER comes last. Everyone cares so much about each other and what is going on in their lives. You may be wondering where I am going with this, but in my eyes, one of the keys to balancing your work and personal life is organization.

At the end of the work day, I couldn’t stop thinking about things I must complete for work the next day. Deadlines, social media posts, events, décor, schedules, and so much more constantly ran through my head! I would try to go to sleep at night and I just couldn’t seem to turn off my brain. Now part of this problem is my personality, I tend to worry about everything and tend to think that everyone else’s problems are my own. I would constantly talk and worry about what is going on at work. But settling in and getting organized was definitely where I shifted my focus!

Everyone has their own way of organizing. People develop their own systems and many times, they are the only person who can understand it! I feel like that is the way I am. I think of these crazy things that really only make sense to me. I say if it works for you, go for it! Charts, Calendars and Lists … OH MY! That is probably what many people think when they walk into my cubicle. But one thing I have learned is that the key to my sanity is organization. When my world is chaotic, I stress! I breakdown, shutdown and can’t function. With a little organization, preparation and prioritizing, things seem more balanced and a little more peaceful.  This is a crazy industry and you are constantly doing 756 things at once, but by taking the time to write things down and by getting myself into a routine, I can juggle every challenge that is thrown my way! Now when I am not at work, I can relax and do the things I enjoy in the company of those I love and my focus is on them, not my to do list!


You Never Know Until You Try

When you first learn how to ride a bike, you start out with training wheels. These allow you to get used to the feel of a bicycle and learn how to peddle and how to brake. It helps you feel confident and makes you crave to try out two wheels, but your parents decide when you are ready. When that time comes, your training wheels come off, but someone is still there to hold onto the back of the bike, keeping you steady and helping you build confidence. Before you know it, they let go. You may coast down the street for a little bit doing great! Sometimes you lose your balance and fall off, sometimes you crash into mailboxes, and sometimes you forget everything you learn and freak out a little. But when that happens, you pick yourself back up and try again.

Coming into the real world and getting your “big person” job can feel a lot like riding a bike. I went through years of school teaching me all the basics. I had to build up all of this knowledge but I was still coasting on my “training wheels.” I then took those training wheels off. I went to college. I started to do things on my own but still had that extra security holding onto me just in case.  I learned more specific skills and life lessons, but still had the guidance from my professors and advisors. Then all of a sudden, they let go! I graduated and I was out on my own.

Now I am here. I am blessed to work for a team that wants to see me succeed. But I also have realized it is up to me to create my own success! They hired me because they know what I am capable of. I managed a few events with Sheryl by my side, but then she trusted me to manage some by myself! Was I nervous? Of course I was! But I just had to trust my instincts and everything I had learned. Nancy gave me tips on marketing and Social Media and what she has found works best, then she sent me on my way. She allowed me to learn on my own, make mistakes, and offer suggestions on what to do next time so I don’t “fall off my bike” again. But sometimes you just have to fall. The key is after you fall, you pick yourself up and try again! Life is full of new experiences. Like my high school coach used to always say, well actually scream, at us, “Fake it ‘til you make it!” But that is the fun of it! Who knows what you are capable of? All I know is… you never know until you try.


The New Girl

There are those 3 little words that everybody dreams of hearing. That one phrase that will determine your entire future. You have prepared yourself your entire life for this moment and when it finally comes, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear or even do a little happy dance. What is this ever so important phrase you ask?

 “You are hired!”

It is such a good feeling knowing all of your hard work and effort through school and internships is finally paying off! I am lucky enough to say that I not only got a job, but I got my dream job. This job is with a company that I am very passionate about. There is room to grow and new challenges every day.

Being the new girl isn’t so bad. Since I worked at Essential Details for my internship in college, I guess I am not technically the new girl. All the same, I still got those “first day butterflies” and was too excited to even sleep when I found out the news that I got hired full time!

Now my desk is ready and pictures are pinned up on my cork board! I have notes jotted down on my very own white board. Paper and pens are ready! My computer is all set up and ready for me to blog about all of my experiences here at Huber Décor, Essential Details and Blooms! Some call me a Project Manager, others call me their “go to gal”, but you can just call me Allyson. I am here to take you through my journey as a new comer to a career that I only dreamed of as a little girl!