Large-format Printing

Huber Décor was a pioneer in the use of large-format printing for the creation of custom décor treatments. Rising in popularity over the past few years, large-format printing can be used to create anything from wall murals, signage, custom wallpaper, or room size graphics that can easily flow from the ceilings to the walls and carry over to the floor.

Huber Decor can provide you with customized art pieces that reflect the personality, environment and architecture of your space. Our graphic artists are ready to harness your vision and fulfill any printed decorative need you may have, and some you may not have even imagined yet.

Framing Department

Our expert framers have earned the reputation of being highly skilled artisans. With a keen eye, the marriage of mat and frame is purpose-driven to present the work so all components have a graceful and seamless interaction. The end result is a finished piece that reflects an understanding of the artist’s message, and how that message will be conveyed in its new environment.

With a number of high-volume clients like hotel, hospital and restaurant chains, we are accustomed to large orders and corporate deadlines. However, since all of our framing is done in-house, we can easily integrate high volume commercial projects with a one-of-a-kind accent piece for a small office, and still provide the same painstaking attention to detail to each.

Décor Package

A décor package is a convenient and effective turnkey solution for adding nearly instant atmosphere to your project or event. Huber Décor can work with your design staff, or collaborate directly with you, to develop a décor package from our expansive inventory of art, artifacts, plants and props.

We specialize in localized packages, utilizing unique elements that are drawn from the specific personality of a locale. These regionally thematic design concepts add a sense of familiarity and interest, and help promote the geographic location of the home, business or event.


At Huber Décor, our large in-house inventory of props and décor are also available to rent. If you are planning a corporate event, social event, school function or even a photo shoot, we can create a custom rental package that will provide a unique and memorable atmosphere. Some common themes we provide props for include horse racing, bourbon, car racing, Mardi Gras and specific periods in time such as the 1920s, 1940s, 1970s and 1980s.

Whether your event is classically traditional, offbeat with a touch of whimsy, or somewhere in between, Huber Decor can create a custom package that will cover all of your decor needs.