"I want to personally thank each of you for your role in the process that created all of the wonderful décor in the new restaurant.  It looks fabulous.  This was our first “in-line” space with two demising walls to deal with, plus a unique rear entrance.  I appreciate all of the help and support you guys gave us to do another good job.  We opened the restaurant today, and we are getting lots of good comments from our guests.  I interviewed with Business First the other day and threw your name in there to say what a good job you guys always do, and I invited their photographer to come our and take photos, and I think they are going to do it – depending on the layout of their article and available space.  Thanks again for a great job."
J Gillenwater

 I want to express my sincere appreciation for your contribution to the 2011 Wordfest Event.  Brenda told me what a huge help you were with making the sponsor’s hospitality suite very inviting for everyone. Even though the temperatures were staying close to 100 degrees, families did not let that stop them from enjoying foods from around the world, great entertainment and wonderful shopping opportunities. We look forward to continuing to work with you on this event and other projects throughout the year.

Greg Fischer
Mayor of Louisville


It was so nice working with you. I was very impressed with how you handled the many curve balls that kept coming at you! This morning I received a surprise phone call on my personal cell from the Governor telling me how much he enjoyed the event [Secretariat screening] and thanking me for all of our hard work. He was very pleased as was everyone else. You did an outstanding job!

Cindy Lanham
Kentucky Finance Secretary’s Office